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Environmental and energy management

Environmental protection is a vast responsibility. One we gladly shoulder.

Steel is a material that offers an outstanding level of reusability and can be practically 100% recycled. The environmental policy of thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe GmbH is based on the charter of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) and thus guarantees environmentally friendly and resource-conserving systems and processes. All production processes related to the material flow are assessed in terms of environmental and energy aspects as a basis for regularly examining and determining improvements.

Energy types and consumption are tracked systematically in order to improve energy efficiency on a continuous basis.

An important step in terms of sustainability was taken with the introduction of an in-house environmental and energy management system.

thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe GmbH has been certified with the internationally recognized DIN EN ISO 14001 environmental and DIN EN ISO 50001 energy standard. It thereby commits itself to regular internal and external auditing and assessment of the standards required by this regulation.